Posted on November 18, 2016

How To Make a Grease Lightning Caipi Cocktail


Last week I featured Sandy from the Movie Grease as my Halloween Costume and I wrote what really inspired in reproduce the character Sandy in Bar Photo shoot, bringing back my childhood memories and obviously Miss Caipi cannot miss an opportunity to create a new Caipi, I came out with the Grease lightning Caipi, a classic Milkshake drink to make you feel you were taken back inside a 50’s American Diner.

In the time the Movie Grease was portrayed they had a high demand for tropical colorful drinks like milkshakes and pina coladas and I based myself in these real facts to create the Grease lightning cocktail. And since the car, Grease Lightning was one of the most important elements in the movie, besides Sandy, Danny, the pink ladies, TBirds.

Recipe of the Grease Lightning Caipi


1 ½ Oz of Cachaca or Mount Gay Rum

4 scoops of Fat free Vanilla ice Cream

3 strawberries

2 tsp of Grenadine

Reduce Fat Whipped cream

1 Cup of Ice

Combine the liquor, ice cream, ice first and blend it, then add the 2 strawberries grenadine and blend it one more time pour in a milk shake glass and using the Whipped cream spray on the top, you can garnish with a strawberry and use grenadine on the top.

For the non-alcoholic version just don’t the alcohol to your recipe.

You can pair with a bowl of popcorn and get some Netflix to watch Grease or you can watch the videos to listen the memorable songs. It is nice when we are able to go back in the time and bring back nice memories of the childhood…

And after that let me know what is your favorite scene of the Movie Grease or your favorite song?


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  • Reply Robin Welborne November 19, 2016 at 5:41 am

    Hello my name is Robin😀I met you on 83rd St. when you were promoting this fabulous drink, you may not remember me but we had a long conversation about this lovely drink and how I was such a fan of it I’m so glad to see that you were doing.

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    • Reply Carla November 21, 2016 at 3:36 pm

      Hi Robin! Thank you so much for the support, it really means a lot to me especially coming from someone that really got a chance to taste some of my drinks… Cheers to you and have a Wonderfull Holiday!:)

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