Posted on June 19, 2017

Have a drink using Tyku Coconut Sake this summer!


I am getting ready for the summer starting to create refreshing cocktails, and one of my favorites it is this simple easy to drink cocktail using Tyku Sake Coconut flavor. Read more

new york party
Posted on May 8, 2017

Social Concierge: The Hot New York Party for Singles

Cool Girl's Diary/ Lifestyle

Finding a good new york party for singles can be a difficult task. Particularly in times where everybody uses dating apps for the majority of the interactions. It is very common for a Tinder user start to talk to another one in the same location and set up a date right there. Which made me think of What happened to the old simple way to approach somebody?

Social Concierge came to town from London bringing back the traditional face to face interaction to the New York party scene with their private dating club for eligible singles. I  was invited to attend one of their Events last week, and I will share all the details with you. Read more

margarita drink recipe
Posted on May 4, 2017

A Margarita Drink Recipe for Cinco de Mayo


A Margarita drink recipe always comes in good hand, especially in holidays like Cinco de Mayo. I love to celebrate, and for the special occasion, I create The Spicy Girl Caipi,  a margarita recipe that you can make on your own and enjoy with your friends. Read more

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