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Posted on May 8, 2017

Social Concierge: The Hot New York Party for Singles

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Finding a good new york party for singles can be a difficult task. Particularly in times where everybody uses dating apps for the majority of the interactions. It is very common for a Tinder user start to talk to another one in the same location and set up a date right there. Which made me think of What happened to the old simple way to approach somebody?

Social Concierge came to town from London bringing back the traditional face to face interaction to the New York party scene with their private dating club for eligible singles. I  was invited to attend one of their Events last week, and I will share all the details with you.

I had never been to a New York party for singles before, It was an entirely new experience for me to be at a dating party, and I didn’t know what to expect from the Event. Since Social Concierge is a private club, they work in a membership base if you are selected you start to get invited to their exclusive happy hour meetings happening in upscale venues around the city twice a month.

new york party

Photo: Matthew Brian Fisher

When you get to the Event, you are greeted by what they call, “The Mixologists,” designated to mingle around the guests facilitating introductions during the Event. If you are shy and feel uncomfortable in approaching people you don’t have to worry about it; You just need to look for a mixologist and ask for help.

All the parties have a different theme, and the one I attended was called, “The Ballroom Romance”, held at The Jane Hotel. They recommend you to always be on time to take the best advantage of the Event and network as much as you can.

The crowd was well dressed and educated composed of a mix of different nationalities in an age range between 25-35.

The most interesting thing I found is that even the party was intended for dating, I met a lot of people interested in making new friends and network, not only focus on the search for a date what makes you feel more relaxed and even forget You are on a dating party.

new york party

What Should you wear for this type of party? As a girl, You should dress in a happy hour fashion style and for the guys, I would recommend the same. It is ok if you are just coming right from work. I picked a yellow A-line dress inspired by the spring colors and paired with gladiator nude heels. It worked perfectly well with the ambiance.

new york party

The drink of the night was white wine chilled with ice cubes. Around 8:00 the place was already packed with eligible singles mingling, networking, exchanging phone numbers and making new friends. One thing I can tell about this Event, even if You don’t find a date, for sure you will have fun and get to meet interesting people during the party.

new york party

A few months ago I wrote a post ” Are Text Messages the new way of dating” about how people use text messages and the online dating ending up not knowing how to have a face to face interaction while in a relationship or even in a friendship. But It seems Social Concierge is bringing to New York an option for the single millenniums to meet new people through their social gatherings.

If You have what It takes to join the Social Concierge and You are ready to meet interesting people, why not apply for a membership? It is worth to give it a try and be part of this great New York party.

Have you ever been to any singles only parties in NY? If you do, I would love to hear your tips and stories. Leave your comment in the box below and use the buttons to share the post in your medias.

Have a great week my friends!:)


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  • Reply Karina May 8, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Wow!! I am glad they are coming with New party for singles in NY, I really miss the old style of meeting people! Great post and thanks for sharing Carla. By the way I love your dress, you look super hot and I think it is a perfect outfit for the Event.;)

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    • Reply Carla May 8, 2017 at 12:53 pm

      Thanks for nice compliments Karina! You should check it out the Social Concierge, the links to their site are in the post. Let m know how it goes…

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  • Reply Delia May 8, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    I have been to a speed dating party in NY before and I felt really uncomfortable. I love this party idea and I will definitely fill out an application. You look great Carla! Love the pictures and the post. Looking forward to your next adventure!;)

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    • Reply Carla May 8, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      It sounds like an interesting experience. But now You have the Social Concierge as an option. I am glad you like the posts Delia and stay tuned for the next ones:)

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