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Posted on April 27, 2017

VSPot: A NYC Vegan Spot to eat and laugh

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NYC Vegan spots are becoming very popular in each corner around the city. Being a Vegan or eat vegan food it seems to be a trend these days.

I am not a vegan at all, but I can spend a long time without eating meat or even any dairy, and I like to experience different types of cuisines and discover new cocktails. At VSpot I got introduced to the Latin Vegan food cuisine, delicious cocktails, and a lot of laughs to share with you.

They are the only NYC vegan Latin restaurant, specialized in organic and kosher food. They have 3 locations: in Brooklyn, St Marks, and Gramercy. And It is a family style business owned by three brothers.

carla anapurus

Outfit Breakdown: Silver Jacket, faux leather skinny pants

I went to the St Marks location, in the heart of the Lower East Side. It is a cozy, welcoming restaurant with artsy decor and a touch of Latin around the place; they also have the “Back Room” space where they rent for Events and host their Comedy Shows.

I had two light items from the menu and a vegan cocktail. You probably are asking yourself, What is it a vegan cocktail? A vegan cocktail has to be made using all organic ingredients including the alcohol used to make it.

nyc vegan

I picked the Sangria made with Copla organic wine. I confess that I am scared to taste sangrias that I don’t make on my own because of the amount of sugar in it, but this one was perfect balanced for my palate, and I loved.

Who told you that vegans only eat grass? These things are from the past. I believe if you use the right sauces and a little bit of creativity, you can make your veggies very tasteful like any other meat.

I started my meal with the organic breaded avocado fries with a spicy mayo sauce. In case you never heard about avocado fries in your life, you can try them at VSpot. It is one of the best sellers items in the menu, and they taste delicious.

nyc vegan

I also tried the summer rolls made with rice papers filled w/ avocado slices, carrot, cucumber & greens; topped w/ sesame seeds & served w/ our Thai peanut sauce. In case you want to go simply raw style this would be a good way to go.

nyc vegan

After all the vegan cuisine experience I went to watch the comedy show in the Back Room, an Event organized by Will Carabano.

Larry Beyah puts a super funny performance, playing with the crowd, he is friendly and loves and makes you laugh all the time. As he said, I can deal with any group of people; You just need to use the right words to make them smile!

Vspot Backroom

Von Decarlo threw a brilliant performance while joking around relationships and her lifestyle. According to her, When She is on the stage, the show needs to flow naturally to keep it up the balance.

She also wrote a book, called Speak Fluent Man – The Top Things Women Should Consider Before Blaming the Man. It was recommended as a book that any women should read it, by some of the Amazon reviews!

nyc vegan

Alex Carabano, one of the owners, closed the show with his hilarious spicy jokes. My favorite part it was when he perfectly copied a Brazilian accent, He almost can pass by a Carioca da gema. He can move from one character to another like anybody else, getting a lot of laughs out of the audience.

nyc vegan

I had a great experience at the Vspot from the beginning to the end. The food was delicious; The staff was welcoming and friendly. The Comedy Show was entertaining with an amusing audience. And if You are looking for a NYC vegan place to go and good entertainment, VSpot should be on your bucket list.

nyc vegan

Do You know any NYC vegan spots that You love it? Or anywhere nearby you? I would love to know your opinion. Use the box below to leave your comments and the buttons to share the post in your medias.

Have a lovely weekend my friends!:)


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  • Reply William J. Carabano April 28, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    What a great write-up! You have a good eye, because you noticed details and expressed them in a way that others haven’t. Thank you for putting this together! I look forward to reading more of your posts. You always pick the best places!

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    • Reply Carla May 1, 2017 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks! I am glad you liked; I find important to share the real details with the readers so they know exactly what to expect from the place. I will keep you updated about my next posts!!:)

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