Posted on July 29, 2016

Mixing Beauty and Fashion Cocktails

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A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to display and serve the drink  I created for Grand Central Beauty, The “Grand Central Beauty Caipi”, they could have their signature cocktail to be served during a meet-and-greet pop-up event in Brooklyn. And, everyone loved the fresh and cooling taste of it! As Miss Caipi, I create signature cocktails for companies, so they can have their personalized cocktail using in their parties, Events or as a type of brand identity for their business.

Miss Caipi, as you noticed always wear her yellow looks wherever she passes around sharing her Brazilian happiness and cocktails. For this Event she was wearing a yellow romper paired with a rockbox blue necklace and carrying  her satchel yellow bag with all her mixology tools.

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Miss caipi with Jackie Lee, GCB founder

Miss caipi with Jackie Lee, GCB founder

Grand Central Beauty inspires natural, classic beauty in a more modern way. I have been using their products and they fit perfectly in my busy life, as a person and in business I believe an honest opinion is more valuable than anything else and I love to share things that I use and found good results which is the case of Grand Central Beauty . Using their  Smart Skin Perfect Serum, I have streamlined my morning process because it doubles as a primer gradually getting rid of the dark circles, using the The Smart Skin Perfect Mask once a week refreshes my skin, and the  Smart Skin Perfect Polisher can be used twice a week to get rid of the dead cells in my skin. Their products are easy additions to your daily routine and have short, simple steps with effective and efficient results, targeting multiple concerns at once.


 I created the Grand Central Beauty Caipi using watermelon which is a natural ingredient found in their skin perfecting mask. Another natural ingredient in their products is rice, so I decided to use Sake for a light, flavorful kick, for a final touch I garnished the drink with fresh watermelon balls. The freshness of the watermelon mixed with Sake turns the drink into an easy yet refreshing cocktail using only natural ingredients – something both Miss Caipi and Grand Central Beauty believe in for their products.


As an Entrepreneur, a Model and a true woman on the run I have to find easy and effective ways to keep myself in good terms with my beauty regimen I found the solution using Grand Central Beauty products. Specially for you, smart and beautiful friends, I have a 20% off in any Grand Central Beauty products for you, using the code”CAIPI20“, you can try the products for a great price and see for yourself the benefits of using them. Please don’t forget to share your experience with me!

Grand Central Beauty Caipi Recipe:

1 ½ oz of Sake

4 chunks of watermelon

1tsp of Agave Nectar Light


Combine watermelon and agave nectar light and muddle together. Add the ice and Sake using a shaker and shake well. Garnish with watermelon balls, use a scoop to make them. And you’re done!

*For a non alcoholic version of the drink just replace the Sake for 1 cup of water.


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  • Reply Edinaldo Aparecido Alves dos Santos July 29, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    Suas postagens são incríveis com sugestões,eu estou acompanhando…quero sempre te desejar sucesso e conquistas de muitas satisfações.

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    • Reply Carla July 31, 2016 at 1:18 pm

      Oi Edinaldo, obrigada! Fico muito feliz em saber que as postagens estao agrandando;)

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  • Reply Carmelatte September 4, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Somehow you look like a celebrity. And I love your dress. Shame I am too pale to wear yellow…


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    • Reply Carla September 6, 2016 at 11:31 am

      Thank you Carmelatte for the sweet comment!:)

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