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Posted on March 24, 2017

Confessions of a Miami Beach Booth Babe

Cool Girl's Diary

Miami Beach, the land of beautiful locations, swimsuits, models, interesting characters and the perfect weather during this time of the year. How can all these characters play their part during the Miami Boat Show? You will find out pretty soon, all seen through the eyes of a booth girl.

New Yorkers love to go to Miami Beach during this time of the year; some even moved there after cashing their big wall street money retirement, able to afford the luxury beach lifestyle and the beautiful weather all year long. If they are emotionally unattached, in most of the cases, they will be looking for a Sugar Babe to spoil and pamper in exchange of her companion.

I enjoyed my Miami Beach my modeling days, out of the NY pressure, able to go to the Beach whenever I wanted for a few months was not bad at all. I don’t get to spend seasons there anymore, but I still go for modeling bookings. Last month I worked the Miami Beach Boat Show, the best place to find these characters playing around the expensive toys. And nobody better than a booth babe to tell you all about it.

miami beach

First, let’s meet the characters of the story.

Character 1: Sugar Daddy – They usually are the older rich men, like the new grass- younger girls and they are willing to pay the high prices to have them.

Character 2: Sugar Babe – Younger girls, in some rare cases they can be older, and They are The Sugar Daddies companion. Getting assisted with all the goodies including their trips, plastic surgeries, Channel bags, Louboutin shoes, and all their material needs.

Character 3: Gold Digger – The women looking for Sugar Daddies ” The Sugar Babes Wanna Be.”

Character 4: Booth Babe- The models hired by the Boat Companies to look pretty and greet the guests.
Everything starts, when a certain Sugar Daddy gets to the boat booth with his Sugar babe, surprisingly this one was not too old, and the Sugar Babe was not in her best shape at all, unusually for these types.
These figures are supposed to look good, and they have total access to the procedures that money can buy, from botox and boob jobs to whatever they need to play the role accordingly.

They are not supposed to talk or give any opinion about the Mr. Sugar’s toys, and if you see someone acting in the opposite way, they might not be an authentic “Sugar Babe.”
What caught my attention about this particular Sugar Babe, it was her look: She was wearing a long blonde wig, jeans, a tank top saying “Jersey Babe,” an Herme belt with an H gold chain, carrying a burgundy Channel boy bag and wearing red Converse sneakers matching the bag.

The real truth is: She can even wear Channel but will never look she is wearing the brand. Despite that, She seemed to be okay in her Sugar Babe skin displaying her luxury items!

miami beach

The Gold diggers are serious hunters, and I spotted 3 women fitting the profile for these characters, they were different looks, reasonably dressed, though they weren’t the “new grass type” which means is harder to find Sugar Daddies. Even the Gold Diggers need a retirement plan in life, but they better start to work on it when they are still a new grass because as soon as they turn into an older grass, Sugar Daddies aren’t interested anymore. And They start to be classified as “Cougars”!

We should not underestimate these types, though, They know how to play the game and to walk around the 2.4 million dollars boats like anybody else, looking for the right prey. The Cougars are a more experienced species and, wisely they don’t restrict themselves to only hunt in the boat booths but also around the hotels in the area with that one fixed idea in their minds: finding their next “pig bank.”

We, Booth Babes, have the best position of all. We can see all the action right in front of our eyes and interact with these characters can be a lot of fun! Who doesn’t want to work and have fun at the same time? But don’t think we don’t do anything, yes we do work. The job requires long hours of standing and smiling under the Florida sun.

Everything works like on a Broadway Show; each character plays her/his role in a perfect harmony. It is important to recognize that be a Sugar Babe or a Gold Digger is a job like any other one, including research and high maintenance of themselves and their respective Sugar Daddies. And as soon as They are giving and receiving, I don’t see anything wrong with this relationship. Just one advice, don’t get around them when they start to drink, things can get a little bit ugly.

miami beach

And that’s the tale of another Miami Beach Boat Show seeing by the eyes of a Booth Babe. And for the Electronic Music lovers, this weekend is happening the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where you will find a lot of interesting characters hanging around the town in their costumes ready to party!

miami beach

By the way, this is my new weekly column “Cool Girl talks,” expect fresh, funny news every Friday. I accept suggestions for topics if you have any please leave in the comment box and spread the word around using the media buttons.

Have a Fun weekend my friends:)


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  • Reply Anthony Compton March 24, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Love your blog Carla we just come back from a cruise a seen tons of couples exactly liked you mentioned 😜

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    • Reply Carla March 24, 2017 at 5:37 pm

      Thanks Anthony!:) It is the real truth about The Miami Beach, It is like a Broadway Show. Ahaha!!!

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  • Reply Janet March 26, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Perfect post! Loved the way you described the characters and their exchange relationship. Giving and receiving it is very important. Loved the swimsuit you are wearing. Can you send the link where to buy?

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  • Reply Lilian March 28, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    What an interesting story! These characters are so funny… The funniest ones are the Gold Diggers. 😂😂 You look great in the swimsuit like the Old TV Show Bay Watch. Already subscribe and looking forward to Friday for more to stories in the Cool Girl Talks.;)

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    • Reply Carla March 28, 2017 at 12:23 pm

      Thank you so much Lilian! Yeah, The Gold Diggers are funny types and if you like the swimsuit you can find where to buy similar style in my other post, I put the link in a comment I answered below this one. Stay tuned for the Friday story. Have a Wonderful day:)

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  • Reply Nathalie March 31, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Love your Column Cool Girl Talks, Carla. This is post is really… Being a Booth Babe and deal with all the character seems to be a lot of work to me. Love your style, and I will certainly be a weekly reader of the Cool Girl Talks!

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    • Reply Carla March 31, 2017 at 4:30 pm

      Thanks for the love Nathalie! Yes, it is not easy as it looks… I have another post about Prom in the Cool Girl Talks, stop by to check it out and let me know what you think.:)

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