Posted on July 4, 2016

Celebrate the 4th of July With the Ginger Caipi


Celebrating July 4th with the Ginger Caipi! The celebration, the fireworks, and not to mention it’s a nice break from work during the hottest time of the year.

Independence day in Brazil is right after the end of August, on September 7th. But even though it’s in the fall months of the year, Brazil still gets pretty hot around that time much. Like in New York City, people gather in parades on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and party during Independence Day. There’s always good food and music. I always cherished the time I could spend with my extended family. Here in New York City, I love watching the fireworks over the Hudson river and partying with my friends, sharing with them my favorite drink: The Ginger Caipi. You can make the Ginger Caipi too, by following my easy steps.

Since I’m Brazilian I wanted to keep my culture alive with this drink so I used Cachaca but you can chose either Vodka or Sake to attain the same taste. I have mixed together the tanginess of lemon with the sweetness of the agave nectar light for a healthy and flavorful drink. I know a lot of people who dislike ginger, but the lemon and agave nectar counteracts the strong kick and only leaves a very mild taste that I promise is very refreshing.


1.5 oz Cachaca, Vodka ,Sake

½ Lemon

1tsp of Agave Nectar light

1 oz of Intense Ginger Liquor



Cut the ½ lemon into 4 wedges, using a shaker muddle the lemons and Agave Nectar light, add the Ginger Liquor and the Cachaca or Sake or Vodka. Add some ice and shake all the ingredients well.

Fill up a Margarita or rock glass with ice and pour the drink into it. You can garnish with spiced dried ginger and salt around the glass.

*The drink can be made in a non-alcoholic version by replacing the alcohol with water and ginger syrup.

Enjoy this holiday and refresh yourself with my Ginger Caipi and I would love to see pictures of you guys recreating this. Leave me a comment or post it on Instagram with  #MissCaipi.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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