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new york party
Posted on May 8, 2017

Social Concierge: The Hot New York Party for Singles

Cool Girl's Diary/ Lifestyle

Finding a good new york party for singles can be a difficult task. Particularly in times where everybody uses dating apps for the majority of the interactions. It is very common for a Tinder user start to talk to another one in the same location and set up a date right there. Which made me think of What happened to the old simple way to approach somebody?

Social Concierge came to town from London bringing back the traditional face to face interaction to the New York party scene with their private dating club for eligible singles. I  was invited to attend one of their Events last week, and I will share all the details with you. Read more

NYC Vegan
Posted on April 27, 2017

VSPot: A NYC Vegan Spot to eat and laugh

Cool Girl's Diary

NYC Vegan spots are becoming very popular in each corner around the city. Being a Vegan or eat vegan food it seems to be a trend these days.

I am not a vegan at all, but I can spend a long time without eating meat or even any dairy, and I like to experience different types of cuisines and discover new cocktails. At VSpot I got introduced to the Latin Vegan food cuisine, delicious cocktails, and a lot of laughs to share with you. Read more

french tuesdays
Posted on April 7, 2017

How Can You Be Part Of The Exclusive NYC French Tuesdays Parties

Cool Girl's Diary/ Lifestyle

  What is it French Tuesdays?  French Tuesdays is a Social Network Community founded by 2 French guys in 2003 with the initial idea of organizing social events for a selected group of people in NYC. Since New Yorkers love to be or feel exclusive it made here the perfect place to start this type of community. 

I attended one of their Events last week, and I will share all my experience with you. Read more

Posted on March 31, 2017

How To Be A Stylish Prom Queen Without Breaking The Bank

Cool Girl's Diary/ Fashion

Prom season is here. And What the High school girls have in mind? The perfect dress and accessories to wear, a date for the party, maybe aspirations of being a Prom Queen or college options? Let’s figure out.

What is The Prom? It celebrates the end of high school years. Back in the times, there was a big tradition around the Prom night, girls were supposed to have a date, and He would present her with a corsage.

Times changed, and these things are not a requirement anymore. But the party is still a big tradition and investment of time and money for the graduates.

Read more

miami beach
Posted on March 24, 2017

Confessions of a Miami Beach Booth Babe

Cool Girl's Diary

Miami Beach, the land of beautiful locations, swimsuits, models, interesting characters and the perfect weather during this time of the year. How can all these characters play their part during the Miami Boat Show? You will find out pretty soon, all seen through the eyes of a booth girl.

New Yorkers love to go to Miami Beach during this time of the year; some even moved there after cashing their big wall street money retirement, able to afford the luxury beach lifestyle and the beautiful weather all year long. If they are emotionally unattached, in most of the cases, they will be looking for a Sugar Babe to spoil and pamper in exchange of her companion. Read more

Posted on February 3, 2017

Birthday Wishes and looks of a Cool Girl

Cool Girl's Diary/ Fashion/ Lifestyle

My birthday always brings memories of my family. My parents, siblings, and relatives that are far away from me in distance but very close in my heart. This date means a beginning of a new cycle with new goals and it’s time to be thankful for everything I achieved over the years and not forgetting to thank everybody that has been part of all of it. You, my family and,  friends are the most important part of who I am and what I want to be, and without you, none, of this would be possible.

I intend to spend this day surrounded by happiness and positive vibes! Getting older means to me: acquiring more experience, learn from my past mistakes, try to make better decisions and work in towards to building a better me. And I wish to have a lot of strength to keep creating and sharing my values with all of you.

birthday Read more

Posted on January 27, 2017

When Do You Know You Are A Real New Yorker?

Cool Girl's Diary/ Lifestyle

Be considered a New Yorker should be an honor to anybody in the Earth. They usually say: if you were not born in New York City but live here more than 10 years riding the subways, talking to people, taking yellow cabs and meeting lovers, you already a part of the tribe.

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Posted on January 26, 2017

How To Make a Mr. Nono Caipi Cocktail

Drinks/ Cool Girl's Diary

I am so happy to finally be able to share the recipe, Miss Caipi, created for the Mr. Nono Cocktail. I already introduced the recipe during the “Give To Receive” Pop Shop Event during the holidays. The name Mr. Nono,  it is the name of a character introduced on the Blog post ” What Is It to Be a Cool Girl”, people really loved the funny name!

I might come out of other versions of this drink using the same name, maybe different fruits depend on the season and the circumstances of the Event. The drink was mixed under the Mr. Nono mood, mysterious and not sweet at all. I used angostura bitters, lemon juice and a splash of orange juice and a touch of honey to balance all the ingredients. It can be mixed with Sake, Vodka or even bourbon. If you are not the type that like sweet drinks, this one will suit you perfectly. Let’s learn how to make a Mr. Nono Caipi! Read more

text messages
Posted on January 13, 2017

Are Text Messages The New Way of Dating?

Cool Girl's Diary

Hello, my friends!

First, I want to thank all of you that took your time to comment on my last “What is to be a Cool Girl” post. I wrote with the intention to remind the importance of giving to receive in our lives.

After all the comments I had, it seems quite a few people have a similar situation as the Cool Girl and Mr. Nono. One of most popular comment it was about exchanging text messages or WhatsApp messages and what is the best way to deal with the situation. I found this time of the year the perfect time to write this post since it seems that all Mr. or Ms. Nono’s take advantage of the holiday time to make their big comeback using text messages.
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Posted on October 14, 2016

What is it to be a “Cool Girl”?

Cool Girl's Diary

Once somebody defined me as a “Cool Girl” and after listening to a friend’s sad love story, I started to think about my own.  I am creating “ The Diary of a Cool Girl” category to share life behind the scenes of “Being a Cool Girl” and other stories that come along with the subject. The pictures I am using is to illustrate what it means to be a “Cool Girl”.

First, let’s answer, “What is a cool girl?” She is the one that has both the looks and personality, the one that is nice, smiles and makes everybody happy . She is the real package in people eyes, so real that nobody would think that a person like her would have a problem getting anything in life. As a matter of fact, they think that she has the solution to every problem and she can figure out everything. The reality is very different for this type of girl. To tell you the truth, everything for us is twice as hard to get than for anybody else. Most of the time people are scared of us and only when you are in a cool girl’s skin will you know how it works.

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