Posted on October 23, 2017

Wow!! I am glad they are coming with New party …

Comment on Social Concierge: The Hot New York Party for Singles by Karina.

Wow!! I am glad they are coming with New party for singles in NY, I really miss the old style of meeting people! Great post and thanks for sharing Carla. By the way I love your dress, you look super hot and I think it is a perfect outfit for the Event.;)

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A Margarita Drink Recipe for Cinco de Mayo
A Tequila in a guitar bottle!!! This is pure Rock’n’roll, I want this bottle so badly…Great pictures and perfect recipe for a rainy Cinco De Mayo day in NY. I am running to Wholefoods to get my Cocktail Crate and some salsa and chips.!
Happy Cinco de Mayo Carla;)

How Can You Be Part Of The Exclusive NYC French Tuesdays Parties
Love the post Carla! I have never heard about the French Tuesday’s before, but as you said I love to be exclusive surrounded by sophisticated people and this is something I want to be part of it!! I am already checking their website!!! Thanks for the fun content in your column and your look for the party is very stylish.!;)

How To Be A Stylish Prom Queen Without Breaking The Bank
I like the way you share fashion mixed with a great story. You have an interesting life, Carla! Keep sharing your adventures with us. I think I am going to pick a short dress for my college prom, I already took a look at the Ever Pretty site and will be making my final decision soon. My favorite nickname in school is Ginger Girl for this girl that wanted to look like one of Spice Girls and had freckles and red. Hahaha!!;)

How To Be A Stylish Prom Queen Without Breaking The Bank
Love the Post, Fashion Mixologist! I was Actually looking for Prom dress and the one you are wearing really inspired my choice. Thanks for sharing the Brand Ever Pretty as an affordable resource. They have a good selection witch makes very easy for me to shop. Your column, Cool Girl Talks , it is super fun!

Confessions of a Miami Beach Booth Babe
What an interesting story! These characters are so funny… The funniest ones are the Gold Diggers. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You look great in the swimsuit like the Old TV Show Bay Watch. Already subscribe and looking forward to Friday for more to stories in the Cool Girl Talks.;)

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