Posted on June 24, 2017

Diferente essas festas Carla,gostaria de saber se quem é convidado …

Comment on How Can You Be Part Of The Exclusive NYC French Tuesdays Parties by Muriel.

Diferente essas festas Carla,gostaria de saber se quem é convidado pode levar alguém? E qual a possibilidade de uma jovem que é universitária e de classe média tem acesso? Adoro seus posts Carla e aprendo muitas coisas e vejo coisas que nem imaginava existir no mundo. Parabéns Carla,vc leva as pessoas a ver que tem muitas coisas no mundo.Bj e continue postando sobre tudo Carla!

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Confessions of a Miami Beach Booth Babe
Perfect post! Loved the way you described the characters and their exchange relationship. Giving and receiving it is very important. Loved the swimsuit you are wearing. Can you send the link where to buy?

St Patrick’s Day Cocktails Ideas
Paddy’s Caipi was a great recipe for my party, we also made in a non alcoholic version and used the food coloring. We had so much fun! Another time I will try the one with Casamigos too, it sounds like a great recipe too!

How To Make a Cool Girl Caipi Cocktail
Thanks for sharing the recipe! I made the Cool Girl coktail for my homecomng party and everybody loved…

Swimsuit Styles You can wear even if You are not 100% biquini ready
Very well thought post,Carla! these swimsuit tips are very useful. I was already planning my beach escape to Bora Bora, now I know I can find options that i don’t have to worry about it.:)

Birthday Wishes and looks of a Cool Girl
I am in love with this heart bag and the boots. Congrats Carla! You really have a great taste to pick your looks:)

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