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Posted on January 13, 2017

Are Text Messages The New Way of Dating?

Cool Girl's Diary

Hello, my friends!

First, I want to thank all of you that took your time to comment on my last “What is to be a Cool Girl” post. I wrote with the intention to remind the importance of giving to receive in our lives.

After all the comments I had, it seems quite a few people have a similar situation as the Cool Girl and Mr. Nono. One of most popular comment it was about exchanging text messages or WhatsApp messages and what is the best way to deal with the situation. I found this time of the year the perfect time to write this post since it seems that all Mr. or Ms. Nono’s take advantage of the holiday time to make their big comeback using text messages.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, it revolutionized the way we communicate. We could finally have a voice conversation with another person without being in the same place. From there technology kept developing from landlines to handheld phones to smartphones that allow us to talk in every possible way; using text messages, FaceTime, and Whatsapp, which allows you to have a free phone conversation anywhere in the World simply using wifi.

Talking has become so easy that some people don’t want to make the effort to properly communicate. Especially in the dating scene, where communication is the key to a good relationship. I find text messaging great and I use it a lot in my daily life, even more than phone calls. Then I asked myself: when do I have a  phone conversation? I usually have phone conversations with people I care about, like my family, or for important things that cannot be effectively communicated through text, it means if it is something important I will make time for a phone call. The Cool Girl and Mr. Nono during years just used text messages to communicate, and a lot of times Mr. Nono would not even answer for a long period of time, probably afraid she would think they were in a relationship. That’s how she ended losing self-respect, he would always let him go back repeating the same old situation.

Let’s getting the text message situation clear, text messages are an easy and great way to talk, but If you’re in a similar situation to the Cool Girl, you should really evaluate the way you’re texting with your partner. Texts are a great way to talk, but they can also lead to a lot of confusion. If you’re texting someone and they are not responding like Mr. Nono did, If a person plays the silent game for a long period of time chances are this person doesn’t want to get involved. In a good relationship, both parties are attached and want to talk. If a text conversation doesn’t lead to a closer way to talk, you should really think about if that person cares about you. If the person is not responding to messages or sending random “what’s up” texts after a long period of silence, these are the biggest Mr or Ms. Nonos. At least take the time to write a proper message but If you don’t have anything good to say better not say anything.

A lot of times we make mistakes, we are human beings and it is important to be able to recognize and say sorry to the ones that we hurt and practice the act of forgiving the others. If this is the case find a proper way to do it. Texting can lead to miscommunication sometimes, so it might be better to talk in person or over the phone. Maybe you can send a message apologizing and then suggest that you would like to clear things over a phone call or an in person conversation. Instead of being a Mr. Nono you can turn yourself into a Mr. YesYes!!!!

Inspired by the Cool Girl and Mr. Nono story a lot of new opportunities came along, I end up creating a fundraising event called “Give to Receive.” We hosted a pop-up shop event with startups and new designers from NYC, donating part of the profits to nonprofit organizations. At the event, the Cool Girl and Mr. Nono t-shirts were available for sale, The “Give to Receive” manifesto was created inspired in What is it to be a Cool Girl Post, and Miss Caipi created The Cool Bar with the Cool Girl and Mr. Nono cocktails. 

Outfit Breakdown: Cool Girl T-shirt, Mr. Nono Tshirt, skirt, choker, pom pom hat, fedora hat, bag, sunglasses, boots

I would love for you to read the manifesto and share it around. Don’t forget, to leave your opinion in the comment box about text messages X Relationships and if you have a better solution about the issue share it with us!


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    Love your style!


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      Thank you, Aastha! I read your blog, you write very genuine content:)

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